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  1. Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the case. I'm disappointed that paying for Premium (which is for 5 "devices,") doesn't allow for use with IOS devices, as it is available for MAC OS. $99 a year and it cannot include the IOS device $1.49 a month/$11.99? I thought that was why it was called Premium. Oh, well.
  2. I have purchased the annual license for Malwarebytes Premium. No problem installing VPN on Windows 10 desktop. It says I have up to 5 devices for installing. But when I attempt to install on IOS (iphone), I follow the instructions, but they do not work on the iphone as described. I want to use on iPad also. Both are up to date IOS. I would appreciate assistance please.
  3. Thanks. This time it worked. I appreciate the answer.
  4. I'm doing the 7 day trial of the VPN. But the client window stays on top. How do I minimize it and still keep it working. I hit the X but it stopped the VPN>
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