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  1. Addition.txtNevermind, I launched the computer in safe mode and ran the FRST scan, saw the ASUS problem and deleted the dll. Thanks @AdvancedSetup for "guiding" me last time, it made me resolve the issue this time.
  2. Did a FRST scan instantly and I have some issues with Windows and ASUS files, Will upload in a second
  3. Hello, I’m sorry to be a pain for this forum but I’m back once again with the exact same problem as before;
  4. Hello, Recently my friends computer has been locking itself and going to sleep mode randomly (as she's using it) now she doesn't know what the problem is; obviously she's set the computer to "never sleep" and all of that jazz. Now since the support here was great for me I thought I'd help her out with this issue. I told her to run a FRST scan and download Malwarebytes and run a scan there, FRST and Addtion should be attached, MalwareBytes scan will be attached later. Kind regards. FRST (1).txt Addition (1).txt
  5. I haven't ran into any issues after getting rid of the ASUS program, thus you can close the thread. I'm happy for all the support I was given here, thanks guys!
  6. I can also say so far I am delighted by the support given here, it has resulted in me subscribing to MalwareBytes Anti-Virus Premium once my trial is over.
  7. I'm back home now and will be using my computer as per usual, if any errors occur I will reply to this thread.
  8. Ok, can we keep this thread open until this is sorted? I will try using my computer like before again and see if it happens again. (Will be out of town for three days meaning I will not be able to reply)
  9. Hello, I have now ran the scan requested by you they should be attached. I was thinking today regarding this whole issue (if nothing has been found as of yet) Could it be some kind of issue with my hardware and not an actual malware? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Here are the logs attached! Noticed that the msert log deleted some "DefenderTamperingRestore" thing, don't know what it does but I'll leave that to you. msert.log ESET Scan.txt
  11. Ty for the quick response, will run this when I wake up. It’s 5AM here so I am a bit tired ngl.
  12. Oh, okay... Guess I was just being silly then :P Anyway, here you go the file is attached. SecurityCheck.txt
  13. Hello, I've followed the steps you sent me, the logfiles are attached. I did not get any logfiles from ADWCleaner, thus I believe it didn't find anything? Also, regarding step 3: Do you want me to keep running a FRST before I post from now on? Or am I being silly? FRST.txt Addition.txt MalwareBytes Scan.txt
  14. Hello, about two days ago when I was playing CS I realised that a notepad document that I had open and Microsoft Teams started acting up, they began closing and opening themselves, I restarted my computer, after this my I tried opening said document which opened up but quickly crashed seconds later, any new documents and Windows programs crashed in the same way, I tried launching the programs in administrator mode but it was acting as if I was no longer an administrator of my own system, I tried installing malware bytes but everytime I tried to install anything it crashed. I decided to reforma
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