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  1. Success! I never expected to get this level of above and beyond service. Thank you so much!
  2. Oh, I forgot I left a cd in there. I believe it is empty and was going to be used to make a new version of the offline virus scan boot but I didn't end up making it. I just removed it now. According to local disk (C) properties it has 122 gb of free space 808 used. I'm not sure how to check more detailed than that.
  3. Ooh, I did't know it made a log. I attached it but it's quite large. I ran another scan and it still came out clean. I really appreciate the help so far. setupact.log
  4. No luck unfortunately. After I run Windos10Upgrade9252.exe the process begins without issue but eventually it gets to the part where it restarts multiple times while applying the update. It always makes it to 30% without issue but there it just stops. No noise from my hard disk and it doesn't progress at all. I tried leaving it overnight for about 10 hours last night but it stayed on 30%. I had all my peripherals unplugged with the exception of my monitors. Same issue I had at the start.
  5. I ran the tool, while it was running it had 3 infected files but when it completed it said nothing was found and the list didn't show anything infected. I also couldn't produce a log. I reran it nothing showed up.
  6. I was able to set up Microsoft Windows Defender Offline using my old laptop and a CD but when I booted with it I was unable to run the scan because the windows malware and spyware definitions were out of date. It also wouldn't let me update from there because I didn't have an internet connection. I booted my PC normally and set up Microsoft Windows Defender Offline on another cd and tried again but got the same error. I can't update my windows, when I do I get error code 80092004. This was a big part of the reason I wanted to upgrade to windows 10. I'm not really sure where to go from here, I
  7. I ran a custom scan for everything that could be included, 1 threat found and quarantined here's the log4.3 scan.txt
  8. Here is the log. Sad to hear this is will a tough fix but I really appreciate the help and letting me know up front. mbar-log-2021-02-19 (12-56-59).txt
  9. I've been trying to upgrade my OS to windows 10 from 7 and it hasn't been working so I did some digging and found these two viruses I thought were removed have been on my computer. I doubt removing them will help with my OS upgrade but I can't imagine it would be a good idea to keep them around when I do get it working. From what I've seen the process should go, run threat scan, quarantine restart, run adwclean repair and restart again then run FRST and export the logs and post them here. I've done these steps a couple times though I haven't done anything with the FRST part since it seems like
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