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  1. That is an interesting careeer path. I have always had a soft spot for Volvos. We had a 240 Estate, a 240 Saloon, a 940 Estate (that we bought at 100,000 miles and sold 10 years later at 210,000 miles), an XC90 and currently have an XC60. In fact I think we have only driven other makes for 4 years in the last 41. The electronic animation & ride control bit sounds interesting. My path has been rather more mundane, though I did leave what you would call High School before taking my exams in the late 1960's to become a roadie with local bands. But that spluttered out after the band
  2. Having spent a career in IT - I'm well retired now - I fully understand the drive to work through the night on gritty problems. I have lost count of how many times I did that in the 80's and 90's. My first coding was in Fortran on a mainframe and in assembler for a Zilog Z-80 chip. In many ways I envy you the mental and physical challenges of still tackling that intrigue and tempt the brain. Code on Gentlemen. Mike
  3. Wow, all night, that is well above and beyond. Sleep well my friend, you deserve it. Here are the requested files. Mike
  4. Thanks guys for the effort. In January, after one of the Privacy upgrades, my system became quite unstable whenever I started Privacy whilst listening to a BBC radio (football commentary) stream. The system bluescreened many times. I just got used to it in the end and didn't use Privacy whilst streaming. And then, another upgrade of the software came through and it has behaved itself since then. The BBC still doesn't like me using the software and throws up messages to the effect of "Not allowed in your Region", when I try some connections even though the VPN service I use is London! Per
  5. I have run the clean and re-install a couple of times (second time with a reboot between the two). And still have the error messages. BTW, the Clean Tool's invitation at the end is for a re-install of MalwareBytes, not Privacy, and that proved to be a pain the first time round as it rejected my Licence code as being for the wrong item. I don't use the main MalwareBytes product, only Privacy. Anyway, here is the zip file again, together with a screen dump of part of Device Manager showing a host of errors for MBTun Userspace Tunnel, Wintun Userspace Tunnel and the previously report
  6. Thanks for the speedy response Porthos, Here is the zip file. Mike
  7. Hi, I use MalwareBytes Privacy as my VPN. It is the only VPN I have ever had on this machine. It is running at latest version. However I have noticed a error message on the PC with the following text - "WireGuard Tunnel doesn't have a driver" Checking around, WireGuard Tunnel turns out to be a VPN. As I haven't loaded it (nor indeed ever heard of it) I wonder if it is a bolted-in service made use of by MalwareBytes Privacy? If it is, I will stop worrying about it. If it isn't I think I need to do a bit more digging around my PC. Cheers Mike
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