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  1. Thank you, I ran the BitDefender uninstall tool and it claims it is completely gone from my device. I ran the Malwarebytes setup file and now it has installed succesfully and is currently running a full scan, so that looks solved by now. However, the McAfee link you provided seems to be broken, can I bother you with a new one? I very distinctively remember uninstalling both programs through the windows control panel option as soon as I got Malwarebytes, it never crossed my mind they'd need a dedicated uninstall tool 🥴
  2. Thank you so much, exile360, I'm sending attached with this message the logs I got. There's a little extra thing I just noticed: I re-read the "Clean" thingy's instructions and apparently the reinstall required me to restart my PC which I didn't do (because I thought it would give me a prompt through a window or something like that - since it didn't I forgot about the reboot). It went straight to the "do you want to install the latest version" dialog from where I kept getting the error messages. I've manually restarted now and collected the logs after that point. I'm telling you this just
  3. Hello, I hope someone can help me figure this out. I am (o was?) running Malwarebytes Premium on Windows 10. I noticed the app wasn't running automatically upon startup earlier today, which it always did before, and after trying to run it as admin i got the "unable to connect to service" message which I tried to solve on my own by downloading the Support Tool. I followed the steps for "Clean" which removed all products, but then, when it asked if I wanted to reinstall the latest version of Malwarebytes (and after I said yes), I got two error messages which simply say the installatio
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