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  1. One thing I did notice during the removal process was that the DisplayLink software was also removed. Somewhat disconcerting until I found out what happened. Regards, Dennis
  2. Thanks. Stripping out Bitdefender and Norton seems to have done the trick! Both were surprisingly difficult to remove. Regards, Dennis
  3. I have had this problem happen about 50% of the time when my Windows 10 64-bit system returns from sleep. The system runs VERY slowly, responding to key and mouse clicks every few seconds. Running Task Manager shows MalwareBytes as the top memory and CPU user. I have 64 GB of Ram so I don't think it's using all the memory. Removing MalwareBytes seems to alleviate the problem completely. I've run all the repair options in the support tool, removing MalwareBytes and reinstalling several times. Each time it is installed, the problem inevitably happens again. Removing it seems the only opti
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