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  1. Update to my report of this problem on the 17th. I re-enabled my browser guard intending to turn it off when I was going into Facebook. Forgot to do that this morning and I noticed in "Share" option of Facebook that it now had an option of "Share now (Custom)" which didn't recognize so I used another option. Anyway I then noticed that my Contacts list was displayed as usual. I was concerned that I had left the browser guard disabled but it showed the normal blue M icon. I double checked and it was on with Facebooks loaded and all protections enabled. I checked the guard version and it was still on V 2.2.18 and had not Vivaldi updates or Windows. Perhaps Facebook has been rolling out changes (Custom share?) and I got the changes.
  2. For my 2 cents worth. Been trying everything to fix this "no contacts list" for days thinking it was a Vivaldi issue until I turned off all extensions and when Malwarebytes Browser Guard was activated the issue would return. After seeing these post I noticed I had an Facebook sign-in option of switching users (didn't know that) but when I switched to my wife's Facebook the issue wasn't created. Switched back and my contacts were missing again. Immediately suspected some page layout or feature I may have played with but couldn't find anything that would affect the issue. Will wait until 2.20 is released before testing any further.
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