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  1. Hi all posters, Thank you for your suggestions, gives me more to explore. One other question, to upgrade to Catalina from Mojave do I have to shut Malwarebytes off for the download? Thanks again for your help. annfaulk
  2. Thank you for your reply. My friend thought he had fixed the problem but he still has it as I got it back. Last night I cleaned out the second address from hard drive, went to forum and asked on the forum about what it is. Logged out, went to Spotlight,typed in the address and guess what, my forum message was sitting there with the address, like it is following me around. In the first Contact Card with Dan on it, I noticed html near name. I was just surprised that this address could add itself to my contact list. Another oddity was I e-mailed a friend of mine starting with Hi. The next day I d
  3. I received an e-mail from a Windows friend with a video of a german Shephard doing an obstacle course. Above my friend's header was B1awya73. I asked him if he had 2 e-mail addresses, no. So I tried Reply and Forward, would not go. I took a picture of desk top and new e=mailed him to show him. At the bottom of his letter was a Free Animation of a monkey from IncrediMail.com, so I went there. A question asked was is this a malware, the answer was yes, a Trojan. Using Spotlight, up came the locations of the videos, gifs and e=mails showing b1awya73 on my hard drive. Going into my contacts the f
  4. Thank you very much. That was the file I was referring to.
  5. Before installing Mac V4 version of malwarebytes, I was told to uncheck the "safe" mode " in Safari Prefernces. Do I leave this as is or go back and check it?
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