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  1. I'm very well now. I mean my PC. I did quarantine the suspected or detected viruses and restarted; all went well. After restarting, I then scanned again and got the message, "no virus found". I'm free now. But I'm surprised how virus got attached to the registry keys in a fresh windows installation. I haven't even connected to internet since the installation. But I'm fine now. Very good - just need to run updates and that's all. Much thanks to you Kevin. You're a life saverπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
  2. Wow! I mean, do not know whether to laugh! I did quarantine now and restarted. But this time I wasn't prompted to restart like the previous event. I did this restart myself. While restarting, the black screen came up and I was scared to my pants. Was like, I told you Kevin." But then, it voted into windows. The milliinndollar question now is, "WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE???" Maybe you do have an answer. Cos I dontπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  3. I am amazed myself. Didn't expect that too. And I believe to quarantine is different from removal. Which ever way, it shouldn't have affected my PC but it did. After restart, I couldn't boot my PC into windows. I am going to apply the actions now. Will feed you back in minutes.
  4. This is an image of the scan even on the just installed windows... 6 viruses. I fear if I apply quarantine actions, I might lose my windows again....
  5. Aha! Kevin, you're should be a stakeholder already πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. I'll opt in for malwarebytes henceforth. My PC is fine, just need to run some updates as the graphics is presently very poor. And then, I scanned my PC again with the scanner and it discovered some viruses in the registry. Those were the viruses I found initially and took action but didn't go well. The viruses were in the registry. Now I'm scared to take the action for fear of what happened the last time.
  6. Scanning with malwarebytes at the moment, below is what I have.
  7. You been an active member for a very long time; is that how old it is you've been a malwarebytes user?
  8. Refresh windows or restore windows??? I have tried restoring severally - different restore points. I'll still use malwarebytes scanner as you've recommended since I saw it capabilities. I just hope I do not fall into this kind of issue next time. I didn't want to reinstall windows but I had to. I'm really grateful for your help Kevin. You really were patient with me. Should I run into this kinda error next time (though I wish notπŸ˜„), I'd reach out to you.
  9. Thanks Kevin. I had to reinstall windows... I didn't lose my files but my apps. Thanks for your help. But I have a question. Regarding malwarebytes scanner. It proved to be effective enough to search put the viruses on my PC even Windows Defender couldn't do that. Consequently, it shows the scanner is powerful. I saw links regarding it online that it would help me remove viruses hiding and hidden anywhere cos I had my chrome browser opening up links at the click of any area on the browser's window. Lo, the scanner fixed this. I probed further to search out all viruses on my PC
  10. Does that mean if I ever have to scan my PC, malwarebytes wouldn't be an option????
  11. I think I'd have no choice but to reset my PC. Restoring didn't work. Can't even boot to bios on my PC, no combination works. Fed up already.
  12. I have restored and it still did not fix the issue. Still having a black screen with unending spinning dots...
  13. I have done that. "The recovery drive is now ready." That was the response I got.
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