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  1. Thanks for getting back, I've checked and the file is getting a false positive, I've made another thread about that specifically it, I'll reply back here when that's taken care of
  2. Hi, I'm developing a software which is getting a false positive of "Malware.AI.650665851", I'm attaching the scan log in the post, if you need the executable as well please let me know and I will share it in private messages (it's a private software so I cannot share it publicly) fpreport.txt
  3. We run game-servers and people connect to them using our domain dinoworld.fun via the Steam client, a lot of our players get a false positive for a trojan with Malwarebytes when trying to connect, here's one example of the link they use: steam://connect/dinoworld.fun:7778 We run 3 game-servers on 3 different ports; 7778, 7788, 7888 Can this please get checked? Thanks in advance
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