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  1. Thanks, so far so good. Have not seen blue screen for a while may have worked.
  2. I have component package 1.0.1173 ... did not get 1.0.1191 with the update. Tried updating again nothing happened?
  3. K great. Not sure what you mean by Beta. I have a Lifetime Version of your software? You know what I have as you have seen my reports. My version is set to check for updates or do I need to install another version???
  4. Hello Nikhils, any luck with the dump file. Blue screens more frequent now worried i will loose everything?
  5. Not a fan of Walmart and many of the big conglomerates for monopolistic (apparently illegal when I was at University in the 90s) and quality reasons. But sometime you gotta do what you gotta do. Where there is opportunity there will be opportunists. Saw the state of Texas issued warnings for price gouging … good for them, hope they enforce it. Temps above freezing tomorrow, all should melt next few days and get back to normal. Went blue again a couple of times when I was typing this. Noticed I had browsers open every time when it happens and usually nothing when working on desktop softwar
  6. Good to hear ... you mention food so roads are down and no stores? Will send link when I'm back ... but I though etransfer needed a send to email for setup and upload?
  7. How are you ... have been hearing some horror stories no power, no heat etc. and no help! What part of San Antonio are you in and did you get hit hard? C:\Windows\Minidump\021321-47361-01.dmp is in the attached zip Do you have a direct email I can send WeTransfer to? NordVPN rarely runs not the reason unless another conflict? Jerry SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  8. I will check when I'm back in the office. If Ill call tomorrow to find out.
  9. The store that installed windows for me and from what I remember he said he had bulk license from MS.
  10. What i meant to say " is everything else I am using alright" ? So thanks for the feedback on Windows 10. Use to have a person I dealt with at Bleeping Computer many years ago much like you. Reached out to him from time to time or when I had problems. We would run diagnostics and he would give me recommendations on software/system/tools to use keeping me running or fixing problems when they happened ... MWB was one of the tools he introduced me to. Just have not time to play with things any longer. How do I upgrade my system to Windows 10 for free? Does it preserve my desktop and files as
  11. Thanks iObit is now gone. Since you see my entire computer on your scan... what is everything else I am using alright?
  12. I went installed all Windows updates that were not installed. 3 Still need installation but will not install after all this started with the MWB conflicts going to Blue Screen all was running smoothly. I am sure I do not know all there is to do about drivers and other software. My computer guy kept telling me to get rid of MWB as it is a virus and wanted me to install Kaspersky. I had many problems with Kaspersky and used MWB instead with no problems. Because of my fiddling around after this Blue Screen episonde, now computer says Windows 7 build 7601 is not genuine and have a black scree
  13. Sorry I do not sit on the computer researching things always, do some reviews and go by what people are saying. I know your company is not in good terms with these software and compatibility can be issues. Advanced SystemCare 12 (not sure what this is) Uninstalled did not install so no problem Driver Booster 8 (purchased this to update drivers) Uninstall Is there nothing out there that will automatically keep your drivers up to date with manufacturer drivers. Alot of drivers out to date and I don't have time to sit for hours figuring all out, can you give me a hand on someth
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