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  1. Yeah, I didn't install that program, not voluntarily at least. I went in and removed the entire folder, and the program was actually run as I tried deleting it, so I ended the process in task manager and tried to delete it - success! Thanks so much for your help! I also updated my Java.
  2. Hello, Here are the two txt files. I see in Addition.txt picked up the new EXE virus. It's got a similar name as the first EXE virus that Maurice helped me with. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. I deleted my entire temp folder, as you said it didn't affect anything, and that seemed to have done the trick! I've done scans with Malwarebytes & Windows Defender and the virus is gone! Thank you!
  4. Thank you! That seemed to have did the trick.
  5. It states "Could not find C:\Users\Lobby\AppData\Local\Temp\PE5FBA.exe".
  6. And I should mention: YES, I ran Malwarebytes on my Macbook when I'm positive there are PuPs on it. I only have two devices hooked up to this Google account, and it can't be my desktop because, with sync turned off on my Macbook, there's no PuPs detected on my Windows PC after I clear them. However, Malwarebytes is not detecting any PuPs when I run it on my Macbook.
  7. Hello, I have 2 computers that use the same Google account to sync the data across devices, one Windows PC and one Macbook. I've been a victim to the annoying PuP Chrome Data sync where you delete the PuPs on one device (for this instance, it's my desktop which is Windows), but then when I go over to my Macbook and open Chrome, it Syncs the PuPs back onto the Chrome sync data and thus putting them back on my Windows desktop. I read the page on how to do it on Windows, and that worked successfully, but I was unable to find an article on how to do that same exact process on a Macbook so I c
  8. Hello, Here are the two files. I didn't mention it in my original post, but the .exe virus that keeps returning is called "PE5FBA.exe". You can see it in the Addition.txt file. Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. Hello, I have a virus in my temp folder that I've removed 3-4 times yet it continues to come back time and time again. It's an .exe virus. Both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender have stated they removed it, yet the virus returns after every restart of my computer. I'd like some help of how to get rid of this thing for good. Thanks!
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