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  1. by any chance is the following related to the riskware? Trojan.Clickware.MG xuyptosm or Trojan.Spy.FakeApp.PUIJSD Trojan.Clicker.iwtig
  2. i have checked and it seems to have no admin rights the only device admin i see are find my device, malwarebytes and screen lock service
  3. i am using a phone starmobile up prime and there are popups on chrome that is annoying so i installed malwarebytes and it detected a lot of trojans however i cannot remove 1 detected malware and the name it showed is PUP.Riskware.Downloader.Agent.OD i have tried using an adb tool but i cannot uninstall it. maybe i got the wrong name but i definitely need it gone, it keeps downloading unwanted apps disguised as appstore, games and some malicious softwares that send messages to random people probably 10 messages per hour to random numbers so it made me disable messages app and chrome as a t
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