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  1. Hello i was able to change my password and got back in my account here are the frst scan results FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Im going to rerun the frst tomorrow so it can be a fresh results because I downloaded my games again and malwarebytes.
  3. I also noticed malwarebytes isnt on my pc when i got it back and they also left software not sure if i should delete it.
  4. Hello i sorry for the late response i took the pc to best buy and i just recived it today because i would have to wait a couple months to get the stuff for the clean install so i just took it to best buy because of my warranty and they took a look at it and just gave it back to me today i just wanted to make sure that they did it right and see if they fixed the problem because ive seen some people saying they are not satisfied by geek squads work and i wanted to see if i can run the scan and upload the files and if you might be able to check them out.
  5. When I did the frst scan I barley had stuff downloaded but I did download it a while after also with the malwarebytes vpn and are the frst scans good.
  6. I also attached two screen shots to the frst scan reports one of them is of some drives that i assigned that i just want to make sure if i should assign them or not and how to change the name to letter like c: FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. It feels so much better can I also run the FRST scan and submit the scans
  8. I restarted and so far everything is good I’m going to do the vvs scan and see what happens I’ll post back the results
  9. The pc has a reset setting that resets the whole pc even the windows download should I try that the last time I did it I only put reset but only delete my files
  10. I don’t have a usb hard drive Cyberpower pc model number PRIME B550-A AC Cyberpower pc model SLC7600BST desktop its at least 5 months old
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