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  1. No. I don't want sign up for an app. I zipped it to 304M. Can you provide a cloud drive I can put it on?
  2. as requested. Note MEMORY.DMP was too large for your site. 020421-10998-01.dmp 020421-14851-01.dmp 020421-14866-01.dmp 020421-14929-01.dmp 020421-14944-01.dmp 020821-14679-01.dmp 020921-14492-01.dmp 020921-14523-01.dmp 020921-14586-01.dmp 020921-18127-01.dmp 061020-10561-01.dmp
  3. here's the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Windows 7 pro, Malwarebytes update 1.0.37125 update package version 1.0.1173 component package causing BSOD multiple times a day. Netio.sys, MBAMService.ex , mwac.sys. Disabled all of MB in it's control panel and the problem has ceased to occur. I'm wondering why MB didn't send out a warning. I'm wondering why I'm paying for this.
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