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  1. I'm sorry, I don't know where to file this in forums. I've been trying to contact Customer Support for almost a week now, I believe I first emailed them on Feb. 3, '21. They sent me 2 emails that were not helpful at all, directing me here; then another by a CS agent named "James". I responded, but still haven't heard back from anyone regarding my issue. Today is Feb. 9, '21. I wrote back to 'James' 2 days ago. I can supply my ticket number, I don't know if that will be helpful? Ticket # 3365615 I didn't know if I should tell the nature of my situation here? I only need Malwarebytes for 1 computer, and have been purchasing it since 2016. There's a huge problem for me between the auto-renewal system and my purchase of the software. It gets confusing, but if you look at my order history - it should be more clear? If anyone has a phone number where I could contact customer service, that would be great. Might be easier to explain. I'm concerned "James" looked at it - and hadn't seen the situation before, and disregarded my inquiry for help. :( I hope to get it cleared up, soon. If possible. Again, I didn't know if I should post the nature of my actual issue here; it's something only Malwarebytes can solve, and it's not about malware, it's a mess-up w/my orders for the past 6 years. Thank you! Box19
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