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  1. Bob916

    F/P for domain

    Hey Gonza, This issue started happening again for this owa website. And I have the domain whitelisted. It's reproducible and occurs every time whenever owa pops up a calendar notification. What's also odd is the debug log says the url isn't whitelisted, but when I go into my whitelist it already says it is. There is some other interesting stuff in the debug log as well that doesn't make sense as it is identifying a different domain that is linked or something to the webmail domain, but it is not related to it and hosted someplace else. I would prefer to send the debug log to you direct as
  2. Bob916

    F/P for domain

    Ok, whitelist removed. It reports it's OK now! Ibuse this site regularly, if it happens again I'll get you info.
  3. Bob916

    F/P for domain

    I whitelisted the domain in the extension and for the life of me I can't find where to remove that now to reproduce!
  4. Bob916

    F/P for domain

    It's a typical owa webmail interface. No audio/video. Could it be picking up subject lines of the emails and recognizing a pattern that thinks it's phishing/scam (typical for email these days, but we have a spam filtering service that takes care of most of it).
  5. Bob916

    F/P for domain

    Yes, I believe it's after I login. I'm running Version 2.2.20
  6. Bob916

    F/P for domain

    Hello, Browser plugin is reporting webmail.kovars.com as scam activity. This is a valid Exchange/OWA website (patched!). Can you please look into this. Thank you.
  7. Yeah, I've ran online tests against the site and checked it out. The site had issues a few years ago, but since then has been redesigned and cleaned up. If there's an issue with it now I'm unaware of it. Thank you for checking!
  8. Hello, Malware bytes is popping up an FP for www.cardoctormobile.com. However the non-www (same website) doesn't get the warning. I believe this is a false positive, if not please indicate the reason for the block. Thank you!
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