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  1. Thank you for constant communication. I'm on a Mac Book Pro. I went into Systems Preferences but did not find "Sharing". I did look at other areas and found Bash in both Accessibility and Screen Recording which I turned off. I also found that Firewall is off. So my questions: 1) Should I be looking for some other form or category regarding Systems Preferences 2) Should I leave Bash off or turn it back on. 3) Is it correct for the Firewall to be off. 4) Any additional thoughts? Thank you
  2. Boy, I appreciate your suggestions. I wish I could remember, but I was just pushing the buttons they told me. I know they were able to navigate around my computer once I gave the access. Also the message is now gone. Can I send you a new note if something comes up?
  3. I think I mistakenly gave control of my computer to a hacker. I now have a message that my screen is being observed and my screens have turned green
  4. thank you. I've just signed up for malwarebytes. How do I know if its removed CSRSS.exe or where do I find out what I need to do to remove it
  5. I know I have a CSRSS.exe trojan on my computer. I just signed up for Malwarebytes. How do I know if it's working
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