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  1. Hi, As you can see in the attached images, when I opened some emails today, the following message appeared: WARNING ! PHISHING DETECTED The people I have received the emails from are not hackers : Julien is a coworker who is also our Union Representative, and Nicolas is our Regional Union Representative. Julien and I always write to each other on our personnal Gmail addresses, because e have been writing back and forth on a union issue since Tuesday, June 1st, without any problem whatsoever until today. Yesterday morning, June 2nd, I exchanged emails with both Julien and Ni
  2. Hi again! I did run the "Clean" and everything seams to be back to normal !!!! The MSASCuil disappeared from my startup menu !!! Yay!!! I ran a scan and everything is clean!!! Thank you so so much !!! 😃 May I ask for your help on another issue? Last November, my employer hacked into my computer through their VPN connection. I contacted a Cybersecurity firm and they told me how to secure and partition my router, to get my laptop factory reset and use Malwarebytes to stay secure. I have been trying to find the safest navigator and search engine because I still don'
  3. HI, here is the zip file. Will let you know what happens. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Thank you, Firefox, for your quick reply. I will do this right away and will let you know what happens. Have a great day, Jocelyne
  5. Malwarebyte won't start and is no longer in my startup menu. MSASCuil.exe has appeared in my startup menu. How can I fix this? I went into my account and tried to reinstall my Premium version, but I fall into a loop asking to restart my computer to finish installing. Thank you.
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