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  1. Thanks so much! I have followed the steps in the email and I'm good. Used a different email for this though! Thanks again for all your help!
  2. Thanks! I submitted it at 6:54 est - Malwarebytes Support Ticket 3368462.
  3. Yeah. One password was on there and it was an old account. And not linked to Malwarebytes.
  4. Thanks. I'm changing ALL my passwords and have removed Malwarebytes from my computer. I am contacting my cc company as well.
  5. I received an email from Accounts@malwarebytes.com that my request to change my password was successful. I did NOT request to have my password changed and now I can not log into my account. I had a premium membership - which never renewed. BUT I can't remember if my CC info is saved on Malwarebytes website. And of course the hacker has not successfully changed the email address to their address. Which I have. Of course support is not around until MONDAY. Advise would be great! " Hi Stacey, Your Malwarebytes account password has been successfully updated. Please click the button below to log in. LOG IN If you can't click on the link, just copy and paste this URL into a web browser. https://my.malwarebytes.com/login If you did not make this password change, please contact support. Cheers, The Malwarebytes team Privacy Policy | Terms of Service © 2021 Malwarebytes, Santa Clara, CA I
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