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  1. 5 hours ago, DavidNg said:

    I have a similar issue. It first affected Chrome. So I disabled Chrome. Then it attacked the Samsung Internet Browser. Scanned with Malwarebytes twice and found nothing. Left the phone overnight, Nd the browser self launches a few tabs of all the weird sites. I will try the above too... 


    1 hour ago, Joeyjojo said:

    Thanks so much, I've been having the same trouble as well. I switched to Firefox, then read your message, checked mine and yes my barcode scanner was used recently as well, so I uninstalled. 🤞 I've had mine for a few years and the trouble only started after the Android update. Thanks so much, hoping it works.


    Most welcome. 👍Should work. So far it didn't happen the whole morning. I even enabled Chrome. Hope Malwarebytes picks this up.. 

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  2. Update: switched to Safe Mode. Looked for last used app in Apps. Noticed an app called Barcode Scanner was used as recent as the incident which I don't recall using at all. Read other sites that also spotted the same. Uninstalled it. Problem seems solved.

    The catch is that this Barcode Scanner app was installed many months ago. But the adware kicked in only after many months...actually after I upgraded to Android 11. Hence least likely to suspect it. 

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