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  1. I ran the update, it showed 3 additional updates. Installed them, Malwarebytes & NordVPN seem to b cooperating again. Thanks! I appreciate the time you took here.
  2. Ran Patch My PC, it found 1 program that needed updating, updated it.
  3. Alright, I updated/upgraded all but Internet Explorer. It wouldn't allow me to update it, but I never use that thing anyway.
  4. Ok, updated to SP2, enabled TLS, ran security check. Attached is logs. SecurityCheck.txt
  5. Ok, I reinstalled Malwarebytes and NordVPN. First website attempt, I got a BSOD. I rebooted, turned off web protection, then I could use the VPN.
  6. Chkdsk all completed, back up and running. Safe to reinstall Malwarebytes and Nord to try them together?
  7. Not that I'm aware of, I only used NordVPN
  8. O lord, it showed me a completely different text file. I assumed the txt that popped up after scan, was the txt file I needed to upload. My mistake. FRST.txt
  9. I didn't run it prior to uninstalling , just after.
  10. All Uninstalled. Attached is the txt. Addition.txt
  11. Absolutely,I do have time. Yes it's Win 7, with Never10 installed. It's just for gaming and streaming. As much as I love Debian, half the games don't play on it.
  12. Sorry for the delay, the initial steps had worked back on Feb 3, removal and reinstall. However, I went to use NordVPN (need it to get around geo location issues for NHL hockey) and it crashes as soon as I try to connect to a website. I tried posting last week, but the forum kept saying what I was posting was spam. Today, I can post! I attached logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
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