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  1. Thank you for your help! The Malwarebytes app hasn't found anything so far :)
  2. I was using the Browser Guard firefox extension, so I didn't receive a report of any kind. The extension just says that it has blocked malware 10 times while I was browsing the internet.
  3. My apologies, I have found the report from my latest scan. There's not much to see though.
  4. How might I obtain this report?
  5. Yesterday, I installed Malwarebytes Browser Guard on my Mac. I have been quite pleased with its performance, but I noticed that it has already blocked malware nine times. I was just browsing the internet (No, I didn't visit any "adult" sites). This had made me quite concerned, because I had visited almost all of these websites before. Does this mean my Mac has malware if I have visited these websites prior to installing the extension? I ran a scan with the official malwarebytes app and it came back clean, but I'm still a little paranoid. Thanks ^^
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