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  1. I have tested the above component version 1.0.1236 (MB 4.3.0) and I can confirm that it has NOT fixed the BSOD with netio.sys. Within a few hours of re-enabling web protection shield I started having BSODs (usually when actively using the system but not always). Once again I have now disabled web protection to restore system stability. Please try a different fix (I assume the fix mentioned earlier in this thread for component version 1.0.1191 (beta) has already been integrated into the release of 1.0.1236). In either case, current version 1.0.1236 does not fix the netio.sys BSOD.
  2. Does component version 1.0.1236 include the beta fix of 1.0.1191 mentioned above? I.e. has the netio.sys BSOD fix been released as stable? If you can confirm this I will re-enable web-protection shield to test it. Thanks
  3. Did you happen to see (in the BSOD) which file caused the problem? Windows reports the file that crashed in the blue screen. Just wanted to know if it is one of the known ones (that are supposed to be fixed) or a new one.
  4. Hello, I recently started having BSODs at least once per day and the reported file is always netio.sys. I have updated to the latest windows version 20H2 19042.746 as well as MB4.3.0.98 (update 1.0.36495 / component 1.0.1157) which did not fix the problem. I had to disable my daily scan schedule as I noticed the BSOD was happening around that time but it is too early to tell if this helped (plus, this is not a permanent solution anyway). Unfortunately I cannot provide logs or install beta versions on this production machine so I have to wait for the final released version, but from what I read in your posts the various BSOD fixes were not related to netio.sys anyway. Any fixes up to / 1.0.1157 did not help. Could you guys investigate netio.sys BSODs please, it is making my production PC unreliable. Also if anyone else has noticed any BSOD with netio.sys I would be grateful if you could report it here or in a new thread. Thank you
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