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  1. This can NOT be right! For the second time, running a MWB scan results in irretrievable damage to internet shortcuts - making hundred of links UNUASABLE. Where in the shortcut's properties under "Target" something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome_proxy.exe" --profile-directory=Default --app-id=faieekdmemgdhfpdgmajkmepgefddipe should appear, ALL THAT IS LEFT after MWB made a scan is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome_proxy.exe" so without the specifics of the website/webpage etc. These specifics are DELETED and CANNOT be reverted from the MWB History. Needless to say this renders the use of this program disasterous for people who use these shortcuts like/rather than bookmarks etc. Kindly find a solution - soon ;) M.
  2. All shortcuts concerned were fully legitimate (strange term!) and non malicious. They were all generated by the standard Chrome Browser function (3dot menu upper righthand corner -> more tools -> create shortcut) and then saved to the Windows 10 desktop. As a malware developper, I'm sure you understand that I am not comfortable sharing logfiles etc. unless I know what I am sharing. In the meantime I also noticed that although I switched off all Malwarebytes realtime functions, it still interrupts certain websites browsing with standard warnings that mean nothing to the user.
  3. I have run Malwarebytes, and since then all my (hundreds) of internet shortcuts have become useless: they only start Chrome (my standard browser), but do not find the page/items where the shortcut was supposed to take me. How to undo ONLY this Malwarebytes (selectively) RESTORE this from the Deletion History and prevent this disabling from happening again at the next scan? In other words: what term does Malwarebytes use for this (IMO) useless action?
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