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  1. Thanks exile360. It's true: constant reading of log files is a possibility, but not very elegant. Like monitoring always is: a compromise between real time information, ressource consumption, schedules, avoiding repeated messages etc. For now you helped me. Best Regards
  2. Thank you for the Quick Reply It confirms what i found in the Support Documents (which helped me lot!) For 1. it is all about for the moment and until your request is heard by the product guys and for 2. Packaging and also Controlling of Malwarebytes through command line is clear. It is more about catching real time events, which is combined with 1. Best regards Dani
  3. Hello I am working for an MSP and new to Malwarebytes (OneView, Nebula, MW Endpoint Protection). There are two questions i didn't find an answer for in the Admin Guides: 1. We would like to get Email Notifications on every detection, not only after scheduled Scans. How do i configure that 2. We use Datto RMM. is there any way to connect to Datto like to ConnectWise? Best Regards and thanks in advance Daniel
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