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  1. Just tried now and the problem is solved! The Malwarebytes Support Tool now works as intended. I'd like to thank you all for your patience and taking such an interest in my case. It's support and a community like that that makes Malwarebytes stand out. I'm glad being a Premium + Privacy user and plan to stay onboard on the long run. Regards to all and stay safe 😇
  2. Glad I'm not the only one. Hope this gets resolved soon and we'll know what the issue was...
  3. Here are the requested logs from the collect_mbst_logs.bat as well as from the task manager dump files that were requested on the LiquidTension link. I've also included another video showing what happens on the task manager. I think all the logs you need should be there. I've done the best I could as it wasn't easy to select "Create dump file" as it kept appearing and disappearing on the task manager, switching from mbstud to Malwarebytes Support Tool processes. Please keep in mind that I was able to run the Support Tool on this machine yesterday when launching it while being offline. However, while the cleanup was successful, it didn't seem to be the same as usual as it didn't prompt me for a restart. Also, this is a newly reformatted computer running Windows 10 20H2 (latest updates installed) and there have been no AVs (besides Malwarebytes) or significant tweaking on it, so I would be surprised if that would come from any of my popular and basic softwares installed. I'm astonished to be the only one so far encountering this on 3 different machines, as I thought that was a global issue server wise. Thanks a lot for your patience, and please let me know if you find out what it turns out to be. Malwarebytes Support Tool loop.mp4 mbst-logs.zip 1145132262_otherlogs.zip
  4. The 3 computers are connected to different routers (that each have their unique static IP) but they are from the same ISP (they provide one box per room, each being its own network). When using the Malwarebytes Support Tool, I was not using the Privacy VPN (or any other VPN for that matter). For the sake of it, I've tried with the Privacy VPN on, and the problem is the same. I could be wrong, but I really don't think the problem is coming from me. Have you been able to reproduce this behavior on your end? Thanks
  5. Thanks a lot for your fast answer and for keeping me informed @exile360. I just tested it on a third computer and had the same issue. I'll update the post if there's any change.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to report a bug happening with the Malwarebytes Support Tool, latest version downloaded from your official link on this page (mb-support- Once launched and clicked yes for admin privilege, it shows "extracting", and upon completion a progression bar with "Getting file information" followed by "Downloading mb-support-", followed by the previous "extracting"... and so on. I have reproduced this bug on 2 different computers, both of which have different hardware and are on different networks. The file isn't new (I checked on digital signature) and I have used it successfully in the past. My guess is that the problem comes from your end on the network level. The only way to use the Support Tool is to disable the internet connection and use it offline. If the internet connection is switched on while the Support Tool is currently launched, it still works as well. Anyway, I was just reporting the bug so that you guys could fix it up and other users wouldn't be stuck as well. As of me I don't have any issue as I was just uninstalling Malwarebytes as my antivirus requires it to be uninstalled (I will of course install Malwarebytes afterward). I'm quite happy with Malwarebytes (I have the Premium + Privacy package) and have the upmost respect for your work. Have a good one and stay safe. PS: I have uploaded a video showing what happens, in case that could help Malwarebytes Support Tool bug.mp4
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