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  1. Hi @AdvancedSetup My apologies, I have not been back home as I am working 36 hours on, so I could not get back to you. I am one post behind you, and am responding to your post from Thursday at 11:28 PM. I definately have sync turned off. Please see attached file image.png. I have uninstalled Chrome, and ran FRST again. I have uploaded txt files. Please let me know if I should proceed to your last set of instructions, or would you like to analyze the latest logs first. Again, thanks for the assistance! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. hi @AdvancedSetup Well, it looks like I am at the point where total removal of Chrome is in order. If you have that script available, that would be great. I am afraid that just a straight up uninstall would leave remants that could be harmful upon reinstall. Please pass it along. After the last step, there were no popups for like 8 hours, and I thought we had it beat. But then they came back again. As always, thanks for the assistance. Also, I bought the Home version of the product during this time. I am hoping that this will proactively prevent it from happening again. As far a
  3. Hi @AdvancedSetup. Had to progress to the Force Reset Google Chrome step. Just rebooted the computer. Waiting to see if the issue comes back. Will update. Thanks!
  4. @AdvancedSetup Hi. I worked through the process and completed through "Part B - Reset Custom Settings " Rebooted and waiting to see if the popups come back. Will update as soon as I know.
  5. @AdvancedSetup Hi. Ok, let me digest this, and I will do it over the weekend. I'll be back! Thanks.
  6. @AdvancedSetup Hi, Just back from work and the pop ups are back. Any further ideas? Appreciate any help!
  7. Hi @AdvancedSetup The chkdsk & sfc commands just finished. Both ended good. The sfc output appears in the screenshot below. The machine is back up now, and Chrome is restarted. It's pretty late here, so I will check in the morning to see if the popups are still happening. Fingers crossed! Thanks
  8. @AdvancedSetup Hi. It looks like it quit after 60 minutes. Still have the pop up Fixlog.txt
  9. hi @AdvancedSetup I have ensured that notifications are blocked from all sites. I will follow the rest of the instructions tonight US time. Thanks.
  10. Greetings @AdvancedSetup I rebooted the machine, and ran the scans again. I have attached the new logs, each one starts with "v2" this time. Unfortunately, the pop ups are still appearing. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! v2-Addition.txt v2-FRST.txt v2-malwarebytes.txt
  11. Hello @AdvancedSetup I turned off the sync as specified, and reran both the Malwarebytes & Norton scans again (in that order), and nether of them found anything. I have left off the sync for now just to make sure. Please let me know if you might have any further steps. Appreciate the assistance.
  12. Hi, Firstly, thanks so much for potentially helping me out. We have a computer that is getting some type of adware that comes up saying that there are infections, as you can see in the image files Popup1 & Popup2. I have Norton installed, and a scan does not find anything wrong. I downloaded Malwarebytes, and ran a scan. The first scan found 93 threats, and all were quarantined as shown in 1-12-malwarebytes original scan.txt. The pop ups still occurred after the quarantine. I ran the FRST scan with the Addition checked. I have included both of these logs. I also reran th
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