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  1. All protection is back on here running Windows Insider Build 18329.
  2. I made no changes to any settings and with the install of the latest Windows Insider Build 18329, all protection is back on as it should be. (I did any searching on my laptop that isn't running the Insider Builds -- took no chances.)
  3. As additional information, it was specifically stated by Microsoft personnel at the Windows Insider "Mixer" (mixer.com/windowsinsider) this afternoon that Microsoft is aware of the issue with Malwarebytes and is definitely working on it.
  4. To supplement Erix reply, it was specifically stated by Microsoft personnel at the Windows Insider "Mixer" (mixer.com/windowsinsider) this afternoon that Microsoft is aware of the issue with Malwarebytes and is definitely working on it.
  5. FYI: Eight topics submitted to the Feedback Hub regarding the latest Windows Insider Build 18323 and the missing MBAM Anti-Rootkit DDA Driver with only Exploit Protection working and all other options "locked" off. As with everyone else reporting, Malwarebytes Premium was working perfectly until restart completing the Build installation. (Encouraging Upvoting the issue in the FBH so the Microsoft Developers will see that something they likely did caused the issue.)
  6. The same thing is happening on my laptop and desktop. In addition, I was contacted by two different people at two different forums who are having the same issue. Malwarebytes version Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version 1.0.3798
  7. I forgot to disable MBAM before updating, John, and haven't had any problems.
  8. I forgot about that change. That wasn't the case with the Insider Builds when Malwarebytes version 3 was released.
  9. Hi John A. Going back to your earlier comment, with something as important as your A/V, why not have the icon show in the taskbar so you don't need to go searching? (Go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar. Scroll down to "Notification area" and click "Select which icons appear on the taskbar". That way if the Windows Defender is on the taskbar, you'll know to investigate. I always glance there before launching the browser to make sure both WD and MBAM are showing.
  10. The Anniversary Update was version 1607 (YrMo) and rolled out in August. Rumor has it that Microsoft will begin roll-out of Version 1703 on April 11, which is also the EoL date for Windows Vista.
  11. You're welcome! Believe me, I fell into the same trap -- not scrolling far enough. Maurice showed me what to do.
  12. Hi, Soozy. Just launch Malwarebytes, click Settings and scroll down to Windows Action Center. Change the setting to "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". Restart and you're good to go.
  13. Thanks, Aura. I saw a mention of the update to 3.0.5 in another discussion topic yesterday and immediately checked for updates. When I didn't get an update, I figured it was a case of my ISP serving cached pages, closed the open tab and went on my way without noticing the post you linked to.
  14. Correction to my earlier post in this thread: Maurice, you are a genius! Until this issue is fixed in Malwarebytes Premium, I opted for option 2, which allows me to have full protection when I use Microsoft Edge instead of my default browser, Pale Moon. Edge is working correctly with the latest beta Anti-Exploit installed.
  15. OT: Re Bing rewards (now Microsoft Rewards). I noticed yesterday that Rewards points weren't advancing so submitted a customer support ticket this morning. The reply said that there is currently an outage affecting earning points in Rewards.
  16. I have 4 tabs set to launch with Edge: Bing.com, a private Yammer site, one of the forums that I admin and MSN Weaher for my location. The first time after disabling the SmartScreen filter, only one tab opened -- Bing,com. However, the page filled. After I closed and relaunched the browser, all four tabs opened and the URL was displayed in each tab but the pages didn't "fill". Mousing over the tab name, each site "showed" in the background but didn't load. Closed and relaunched again and only one tab opened with Bing.com in the URL but nothing on the page. As to adblocker, I currently have AdBlock enabled. Also installed but off are Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin. Although uBlock Origin would be my preference, it seemed to make the browser even slower than usual so I've been experimenting with the three.
  17. Maurice, you are (almost) a genius! It did indeed take a restart of Windows 10 Build 14986. Microsoft Edge was slow (ok, much slower than usual) to open webpages but with the SmartScreen filter off it did work again with all protection confirmed as re-enabled on Malwarebytes Pro. However, closing and relaunching the browser, it again got "stuck" at a blank screen, not loading the webpage. I tried relaunching the browser again and the pages still wouldn't load.
  18. Here I was blaming the problem with Microsoft Edge on the Build but saw a comment in the Feedback Hub about Malwarebytes so decided to play around. Disabled all protection and then enabled one-by-one. When MBAE was enabled, Edge stopped responding. Like John L. Galt, also using Windows Defender.
  19. Based on the published "known issues" in the new Build 14951 released today, it appears that it will continue to be necessary to continue disabling Malicious Website Protection if you wish to install that build. For what its worth, I did receive a response from the Microsoft Windows Insider account to my Twitter feedback that Malwarebytes is an anti-malware program, not an A/V and works fine along side Windows Defender saying,
  20. Disabling Malicious Website Protection allowed the install of Build 14946. However, Microsoft Edge still won't launch with MBAE running. (Couldn't resist: https://twitter.com/SecurityGarden/status/786616001278382080)
  21. I disabled Malicious Website Protection from the Detection and Protection Menu but forgot about Advanced Settings so the update rolled back to Build 14936. Trying it one more time. Fingers crossed as this feedback may be useful to both Microsoft and Malwarebytes developers.
  22. At least Microsoft is acknowledging the issue, although they don't understand that Malwarebytes is an anti-malware program not an A/V (although it is probably better than a lot of A/V products on the market!). From the known issues of the new build just released, Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14946 for PC and Mobile | Windows Experience Blog: I don't have Rootkit scanner enabled but will see what happens disabling the Web blocker, keeping MBAE active.
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