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  1. Good afternoon, The latest releases of this file and its installer have been re-identifed incorrectly as malware. I would be grateful if you would review and remove the detection. Kind regards findmyplane-client.exe.zip findmyplane-setup.zip
  2. Good morning The latest version of my software has been flagged as malware again with the detection Generic.Trojan.Malicious.DDS The code is signed and source code is here: https://github.com/hankhank10/findmyplane-client I would be grateful if this could be reviewed and the detection removed. Thank you! findmyplane-client.exe.zip
  3. Thank you. I have had to recompile the code to reflect an update and the new executable is once again flagged as malware. Attached. Grateful if you could review and remove this detection as well. Thanks Mark findmyplane-client-6s.zip
  4. Good morning. Files in the attached zip are incorrectly identified as malware, in particular findmyplane-client.exe. This is an innocuous application but has likely been flagged because it was compiled with pyinstaller and includes outgoing network connections. findmyplane-client.exe is digitally signed with a certificate. You can read about the application here: https://findmyplane.live/ ... and the source code is available here: https://github.com/hankhank10/findmyplane-client Thank you! findmyplane-client.zip
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