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  1. Hi I cleaned up the hack on hxxps://communityhopefund.org, could you please unblock it? Thanks, Laura :) laura@lauracrisci.com
  2. Hi, it seems that brookdalealumniassociation.com is still blocked. I've gotten whitelisted from Google and even McAfee as well as the other major blacklisting sites so it should be good to go. TIA, Laura.
  3. It is still saying... Website blocked due to reputation Website blocked: brookdalealumniassociation.com Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocks pages that come from websites with relatively light traffic and have been reported to have malicious activity. If you trust this website, please click CONTINUE TO SITE. Otherwise, choose GO BACK.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if you checked this one or not to see if it's ok now. It is testing clean from everywhere else. Thanks
  5. oh, it looks like it needs to still be removed from brookdalealumniassociation.com as well.
  6. Hi, Thanks for taking the block off of my other site. I believe I have removed the recent phishing hack from brookdalefoundation.com now too. Could you please review it and hopefully remove the blacklisting? Thanks in advance, Laura Crisci
  7. Hi, I have recently cleaned up my site from a phishing hack and my browser is still blocking it. What do I need to do to get that removed? I've scanned the cleaned up site with wordfence, tested with sicuri's online test and on my google console and they say it's fine. This site is brookdalealumniassociation.com . The other one is lauracrisci.com but I think it's not blacklisted anymore but I'm not sure. There is also brookdalefoundation.com that I am working on cleaning up today and should be done by tomorrow. And for future reference, how do I go about getting these and my other sites unblocked and unblacklisted from your program (and others)? TIA, Laura.
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