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  1. But at the beginning we got like 26 detections on vt, and almost everyone have cleared the detection, there are 5 left and malwarebytes had cleared their detection on vt but it got detected again. That’s why we ask if you could contact them because this did Someone from Malwarebytes support in the past.
  2. Are you able to contact Virus Total and provide updates about the whitelisting so They clear their cache?
  3. Dear Support,This post contains a request to further investigate our Social Media Bot application for any harmful software.The reason for this request is because your Antivirus company has joined Virus Total and your Antivirus detects our application as harmful.This damages our reputation and we would like to get in touch to resolve this together.Below a documented brief explanation about our application.Virus total report: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4ce3d6bc90ad975e0ecb8bba0241f9779040173f42f6d2107332a71f618192eb/detection About & Info: 1. Program Language: C# / Java2. Exec
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