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  1. Great, that makes more sense (at least to me).
  2. FWIW, produkey had not been being detected recently, until this morning. meson-produkey false pos.txt
  3. This one has come back to life, now as a Generic.Malware/Suspicious. meson-produkey false pos.txt meson-0.56.2-64.msi.zip
  4. Yes, after 2 months of scans without detections, this one has come back to life. Porthos has posted the relevant files.
  5. The version 2.47 installer for Keepass, a popular FOSS password manager, is detected by the AI algorithm. I'm pretty sure this is a false positive. keepass false pos.txt KeePass-2.47-Setup.exe.zip
  6. This utility has been on my system for 5 years without tripping AV or malware scans, so I doubt it's malicious. I've included the purported source from which it was allegedly built, which source I had downloaded at the same time as the utility. malwarebytes-UUI-threat.txt Universal-USB-Installer- Universal-USB-Installer-
  7. The Windows installer published by the open source development team behind the Meson build system, as well as the MESON.EXE file that is installed, are flagged by the AI detector. I'm pretty sure that they are false positives. meson-0.56.2-64.zip meson.zip meson false pos.txt
  8. Log and zipped installer attached. nmap false pos.txt nmap-7.90-setup.exe.zip
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