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  1. Not if this is a false positive or not. Etc. FalseMaybe.txt
  2. Thank you so much, have a great day :)
  3. Not sure, I know 3 of these are related to a AutoClicker I use, not sure about the other one, all AI found, quarantined them all just incase. FalsePos.txt
  4. Thank you so much for the fast reply :) All good
  5. Got 10 detections this scan and they all appear to be from 2 files, 7z.exe and naudio.dll, thinking this is most likely a false positive. FPs.txt
  6. Thank you so much for the fast reply, have a nice day :)
  7. Got another file that seems it could be showing up as a False Positive, thought I would double check. MalwareBytesAI.txt
  8. Thank you so much, have a great day 🙂
  9. Last time this happened a few weeks ago it was a false positive, its happening again and with another old file that I haven't touch, Old VLC installer I think. Hoping it is a FP. MalwareAI.txt
  10. thank you so much, you guys are fast. Hope you have a great day ❤️
  11. So it was a false positive? Just paranoid
  12. So I normally do a full scan of my computer every night and this morning was greeted to a warning about a file I haven't touched in years. Not sure if its a false positive or what. report.txt
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