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  1. Hello again! Sure will do that for you! I can update it, although it's already updated, quick scan finished without any problem: 0 detected. Everything is green, everything is good man life is good now. I will send the Fix log report file. It's interesting to see how malware can be underestimated, at it was by me. Malware sure can't mess things up pretty bad. Glad there are geniuses like you Maurice. Hopefully the Fixlog is fine too! Fixlog.txt
  2. My friend, first of all, I am the one that should be thankful for you keeping the effort in this long matter. I seriously can't believe this, but it's working! The system has restarted and Windows Defender came back to life. You're freaking awesome I seriously have no words to thank you enough. Everyone was telling me to just make a reset and forget about this, it would be impossible. You made it possible. Thank you so much for helping me fix this issue, you are the man Maurice! I send a print screen of the success of this long effort of yours!
  3. Sorry i tried everywhere but i can't fimd the ''Extras.txt''. Normally it goes to the same place as OTL.txt or to the past in C:/ folder. But its not there also. Can only send the OTL.text OTL.Txt
  4. Can i remove these two desktop.ini files on my desktop? when i try they say they belong to the system, might chance something. Am I supposed to leave them there? They appeared now with the OTL
  5. I was having some trouble finding the report. I found it on the C:/ disk though I think. At least the date and time it's correct. It seems there was a problem reading the code. 01182021_110623.log
  6. Here it goes the OTL files. Thank you advance Maurice! You're awesome. Extras.Txt OTL.Txt
  7. This computer has been always mine, bought for personal use. I could find: -Security Center - Automatic (delayed) and running Microsoft Defender Antivirus Service - Running and Automatic Windows Security Service - I couldn't find this one, maybe because of the translation to Portuguese... I found something that says: Microsoft defender antivirus network inspection service -> this one is set to Manual. I send print screens with this info. I am gonna finish now the other step of Old Timer. Brb
  8. Okay just finished this process quite easily. The system it's already restarted. After the restart, i went to check again the Windows defender page. Still blank with that same message. Windows update, was trying to install again this same update: Atualização de Informações de Segurança para Microsoft Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (Versão 1.329.2361.0) and may seem odd, but it stays at 0% and then dissapears and says ''updated''. but it never went from 0 to 100.
  9. Mine is set to use Powershell. Forgot to answer that question I apologize.
  10. I've used Command prompt a few times, only few times. I don't think I've ever used Powershell... I really don't understand much about these two. It seems like it worked, but the file is nowhere to be found. maybe we can change the location to another place? Idk
  11. Okay for some reason, this video that i filmed with my iphone, i can see it on my phone, but in my computer its just blank. Can you see it?
  12. I recorded, please check if I am doing something wrong or if it’s just my computer that’s crazy. IMG_9443.MOV
  13. When i don't run as administrator, it says access denied. ( i was just confirming.) then i rum as administrator, and it doesn't do anything honestly. I am checking my desktop too and nothing. Its not powershell right? When I press Wind + X it only shows me powershell + powershell (admin)
  14. Hello again... I am afraid the command is having no effect on cmd.exe I write it, and nothing happens. I did the step 1, ''show all files and folders''. I took a print screen of that to show you, and a print screen of my cmd.exe.
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