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  1. P.S I installed malwarebytes browser guard and updated zoom as per your suggestions. One quick question : does browser guard work smoothly with the malwarebytes web protection on malwarebytes premium?
  2. Thanks Maurice for your help . I don't think I would require any assistance but: Should I keep the settings *Always register Malwarebytes with windows security* disabled? And should the command scan of windows defender work now ?
  3. Being pretty obvious that it was a false detection I allowed the file to run on my device.
  4. Hello I just did a scan with windows defender and it picked up Trojan.W32Wacatac ... I think this was a false positive from the software you've asked me to install . Should I just keep the file and we can proceed to further steps?
  5. Hello. Yes indeed it seems like I can access windows defender now from my windows security interface. The issue before was that it turned off automatically each time I rebooted (the periodic scanning) . Windows security is offering to turn on windows defender(from the security notifications)..I assume that I should not turn it on because it may conflict with the malwarebytes live protection? Here are the logs of the fix. Fixlog.txt
  6. I believe I had ran that scan before but as instructed I downloaded the scan , ran the "quick" scan option and it says it virtool/win32 windows defender tampering. Here are the logs as requested: msert.log
  7. Hello here are the results of my scan logs: dds.txt attach.txt FSS.txt
  8. Okay I just checked the little box in the preferences to show command prompt when pressing windows+x. I ran the command as administrator. Unfortunately I ran into a problem running the windows defender scan.
  9. Upon doing a quick google search I understand it is due to THIS issue : https://www.howtogeek.com/301885/how-to-put-the-command-prompt-back-on-the-windowsx-power-users-menu/ So just to confirm is it ok I just find command prompt from start menu and run as admin?
  10. Hello , yes indeed I meant the fixlist.txt file was blocked on the chrome. I Do not see commander prompt (admin) in my list of options upon pressing Windows+x. I could just manually open command prompt from the start menu and run it as administrator , is that okay?
  11. Hello I have followed your instructions. One thing I want to mention is there was a warning "the file is dangerous so chrome has blocked it" warning . I manually clicked to keep the file. What was the cause of this warning if you mind me asking? I have clicked the Fix button on farbar and had rebooted the system after the fix processed as you've instructed. Here is the fixlog file: Fixlog.txt
  12. OKAY , upon thinking the issue through , I clicked properties on the file and copied its directory (when I just clicked Desktop the file didn't show up for whatever reason , goodness knows what reason) but upon typing the C:\Users\Public\Desktop directory of the file I am now able to upload it. Here it is. mbst-grab-results.zip
  13. I see the file created on the desktop but it isn't showing up when I try to attach it.
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