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  1. No I didn't used VPN at that time. Maybe it's my ISP changing my IP at intervals. As far as I remember when it showed me as banned, I was on an IP something like 59.x.x.x. After sometime I got unbanned. So ya maybe a firewall block. Thanks for your help sir.
  2. Actually I was using an app from a third party site. Scanned it with Malwarebytes and it didn't detected anything, Neither with the apk nor with the installed app. Today I scanned the apk with virustotal and it is showing me 3 detections. Here is the result: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8d8271e6dfbb750d2a1e61e4cfd4b15a443c517ad13598340d940a64f47c64c5/detection I don't really understand what are these detections. Are these detections very serious? Actually I didn't gave the app any permissions by myself. Is it possible that due to these detections/malware in app it might have g
  3. Actually I cannot access the forum from my PC. It says I am banned and do not have permission to view this site but I haven't done anything specific to be banned. Maybe my IP is banned? Can you help me please? I have something serious to ask .
  4. I keep scanning my system with windows defender, Malwarebytes and adwcleaner. I haven't found anything serious in any of the scans. So can I stop thinking about it now ? Is there anything more that I need to do ? Actually it was really panicking me from past few days
  5. Thanks for replying sir. Actually I am more worried about compromised outbound connections. Most of the threads I saw on this forum are only trojan outbound connection related. Is compromised outbound connection a normal thing in case of uTorrent ? Also As I said, I wasn't downloading or seeding anything, so why uTorrent is automatically connecting to these different IPs and Ports.
  6. Recently I updated malwarebytes and turned on the web protection. I got a lot of pop ups(around 70) regarding websites bocked due to trojan and compromised. All of them were with different IP's and ports. All were outbound connections from uTorrentweb. I uninstalled uTorrent immediately but the issue is I was using uTorrent from a very long time( around 5-6) months. I usually keep the web protection off because it causes BSOD on my computer. I usually do windows defender scan and malwarebytes scan but never found any threat. I was not seeding or downloading anything from uTorrent, still got al
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