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  1. Hello, I wonder if you can help. We have a web application (restricted business application) and its users click on a button and download a file with a custom extension and it has the following contents {"Name":"CalculateQuote","Source":"https://url:443","SecurityToken":"5b9c1ceb-8e36-46d7-8e47-07f0251ac90c","Request":{"QuoteId":null,"UserId":"1400501164","SellerId":"1404501164","ClientId":16891525,"SaleId":11901790,"Name":"Mr Test 35703","TypeId":1,"Applicants":[{"Title":"Mr","Forename":"Test","Surname":"35703","Sex":"Not Set","DOB":"1966-12-17T00:00:00.000Z","Contact":{"Address1":"1","
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