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  1. /bump to keep the thread alive. Didn’t get time to use my laptop. Will upload on Saturday
  2. Showed nothing .. maybe you’ll find something in the logs esetlog.txt
  3. Frist tried running it as administrator, thrower an error saying i do not have administrator group permissions. Had to run it normally.
  4. Nothing found here too. It took around 25 mins for the custom scan MBlog_custom_01.txt
  5. Says no threat detected .. but I'm sure there was/is something wrong MBlog_01.txt
  6. Also checked the farbar TXT files and read a section where it said that the antivirus closed before completion but my mcafee, malwarebytes showed completed on the tool(UI)
  7. Possible DLL hijack or some other form of malware. Tried windows reset from cloud but didn't help. I believe my wifi network is compromised since it keeps on re-appearing. Ran farbar once.. i can share the text files
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