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  1. The bios doesn't show me anything regarding that aspect. sadly no, nothing is backed up. It's not that bad since it didn't contain very important informations except some saves for games... if i could extract them it would be great. If not i will follow your instructions for formating my drive. i have a more specific question. Should i format the drive and reinstall windows on it or install windows on the 2tb gen 4 ssd i bought this week in case i have to throw my current ssd away ? (planning on upgrading my pc this year)
  2. Hey ! I'm back. It says my drive is protected in writing (not sure this is proper english) is that the reason why i can't apply any changes to my m2 windows drive ?
  3. Unfortunately I tried this before and it doesn't work as well. I have 2 restore points and it doesn't work with both of them. i even tried to format the drive from the initial key i was using and i also had an error
  4. The volume in the D slot's name is Windows the serial number of the the volume is 665D-1CC9
  5. Okay 👌 i have a brand new windows usb bootable key 🔑 no peripheral connected except my mouse keyboard and monitor
  6. That's the weird aspect of it, i still get the same message for some reason
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