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  1. Thanks alvarnell. Thanks for confirming my thought.
  2. Porthos, btw, I have a Mac with the Big Sur version... I'm assuming that is not a server OS. Just want to make sure since I'm new to Macs. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Porthos! You're amazing. Can I ask how you found that out? I'm trying to do the right thing and also be knowledgeable... is there somewhere on the website I could have looked to find that out? BTW, Remember the Alamo! I love San Antonio. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum. I tried contacting Malwarebytes directly through the website but didn't receive a response and calling their phone number didn't get me a live person; it just redirected me to the consumer website. This might sound like a funny question and I don't know if I'm posting it in the right forum. Am I allowed to buy the "Personal" version of Malwarebytes for my business computer? As of now I only have one Mac and I don't need coverage for multiple computers. What if I expand in the future and have multiple computers or smartphones? Can I still buy the Perso
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