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  1. Thanks. They were detected on 4 July, as shown in the log. I didn't quarantine them and have just rescanned and there weren't detected now. I assume an update has fixed the issue, so nothing more to do.
  2. Hi, I reported a false positive in Tessaract-OCR in January, which was confirmed. I have recently had the same false positive, plus two more from Tessaract (I have not changed my installation). Since they were connected, I reported the recent events on the same thread, but maybe that was the wrong thing to do as there has been no response. The thread, with attachments for the new event, is here Thanks
  3. Hi, Adding this to my previous post as it's more suspected false positives in the same program, plus the previously reported one redetected. Log and zipped suspect files attached. Thanks. Tesseract-OCR.txt Tesseract-OCR.zip
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll put it in my exclusions list for the time being. Chris
  5. Hi, Thank you. Detected file and log from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\ScanResults zipped together and attached. Chris dawg2wordlist.zip
  6. Hi, Malwarebytes routine scan has reported Malware.AI in dawg2wordlist.exe, one of the supporting files for the Tessaract OCR software. As a minor and little used part of a long standing and reputable program my guess is that this is a false positive, please could you check? I can attach the file or provide the source I downloaded from if required Thanks, Chris
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