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  1. Avast (avastSvc.exe) was mentioned in the malwarebytes log I posted next to processpath, that’s why I’m asking if there’s anything with avast. Avast hasn’t mentioned anything about infection/warning. I’ve run full scans with malwarebytes but nothing was found. I’ll try the google chrome advice you’ve given me.
  2. Hello, thank you for the reply. I usually use my account signed out and with the sync off (when I log in), do I still need to complete this? Also, does avast have anything to do with the detection I posted, it mentioned riskware. Thank you a lot
  3. Hello, I’m really sorry, yes it’s windows. I thought I posted it in the windows forum. Should I delete and post it there? Also, I have the premium trial, not sure if browserguard is included in that. thanks a lot
  4. For the past couple of days I’ve been getting malware bytes pop ups blocking websites etc. in one of them, Avast was mentioned as riskware and I was wondering if you believe I have an infection (or Bitcoin miner) I have included the log file from the latest block that malwarebytes showed in jpeg.
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