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  1. OK thanks. I will keep a record for a week or so and see what happens. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the further information. So from what I can gather now is that more sites might look at going the Etsy path and block any VPN unless you access it from a real IP address? Does Google keep a record of these overused IP address and then sell them to companies? If this happens, how will VPN services / companies make their products relevant? If the larger VPN providers have more servers worldwide, are they able to spread the load better so as not to seem too over used? Cheers
  3. Thanks for the answer, but why has it started just recently. I have had MB Privacy for some time now and this has just begun. Has anything changed in MB Privacy or do you know if Google has changed something? And from what you mention, every VPN product should have the same problem? I have some friends that use other services and I will ask them to test this as well then. Regards
  4. Within the last couple of weeks, Google now insists I do a Captcha due to MB Privacy, see attached. Very annoying to say the least. Anybody got an idea s to why it should start now? I am still having the other problem with Etsy not showing up due to MB Privacy. Perhaps other VPN sites and forums may have answers? Regards
  5. Thanks for the Browser Guard info and I have been using it for some time now. In fact it works so well that it has stopped the www.googletagmanager.com from this site :-) Cheers
  6. Thanks for the help and information. I will try a few different locations to see if it makes any difference as I doubt that Etsy will give up any info on how to stop them collecting my data :-( Regards
  7. OK thanks, the results will be interesting. One obvious question is why have a VPN if sites can block you because they detect it and force you to give up your privacy and other information. If more sites adopt this strategy, having a VPN becomes redundant. Unless this is a MB Privacy problem? Regards
  8. This solution would work well if MB Privacy allowed https://www.etsy.com/ But it requires an IPv4 address and not the web URL. From a lookup site I got or, but still no luck connecting through MB. Any more thoughts or can you try to get the correct IPv4 address. Regards
  9. Hi I hope there is an easy answer for his question. For some reason when I have MB Privacy turned on (location doesn't matter), the web page for https://www.etsy.com/....region..../ just shows a blank white page in FF. In Chrome and Edge it gives a message of HTTP ERROR 429 This means I have to keep turning MB Privacy on and off, not ideal. Any help appreciated. Regards
  10. Dev1

    BSoD with Privacy

    Well that seems to have fixed the problem (hopefully). I have turned the Privacy on / off and no crashes. I hope you can figure out eventually what caused it for your knowledge. Thanks for the ongoing help.
  11. Dev1

    BSoD with Privacy

    So I could uninstall the Privacy under Safe Mode but not the Tunnel Driver (see attached). But it did uninstall when I went back to the regular session. So should I install the MBPrivacySetup.exe file now or do you have another newer version to try? Thanks
  12. Dev1

    BSoD with Privacy

    Well that didn't go well. Tried the uninstall - CRASH - (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT) and at least this is a new error message. But I must admit it is resilient though as it just keeps working after a crash as if nothing has happened. The dmp file is attached again. Any more thoughts solutions welcomed. 011821-12140-01.dmp
  13. Dev1

    BSoD with Privacy

    If I uninstall this on the problem machine, will it effect the licenses on the 3 other PCs? I presume not, but just want to make sure. Cheers
  14. Dev1

    BSoD with Privacy

    Just restarted Privacy after local online shopping and got a new crash message Paged fault in non paged area. Regards
  15. Dev1

    BSoD with Privacy

    I went to look at the fast startup and found that my system already had this and Hibernate unchecked, so for me this is not the solution. Thanks anyway.
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