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  1. Maurice, it was the mouse! You rock, thank you. I will leave you an excellent review. I will enable Windows system restore and Malewarebytes had already been re-installed. Treza 🙂
  2. Maurice, Hello, I temporarily removed Malwarebytes because one of the test required disabling my antivirus scanners and I did not figure out how to disable that one. I reinstalled it today and it still did not report malware. I ran defender, I did not see a log after completion. I attached a jpg after the scan. Thank you, Treza
  3. Hello, files FRST and Addition attached. I posted the steps previously because I wanted you to know what I had done previously without success. The only step I did not perform was to clean system entirely including removing my programs. I want to exhaust efforts before performing those steps. Again, thank you... Treza FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Maurice, Thank you, I'll have time to follow the listed steps this weekend, I'll send the results... Treza
  5. Hello, program did not find any infections, I ran a full scan and a short scan. My last resort is the following, but I hate to have all my programs removed. Thank you for your assistance... The steps that was provided on the previous threads/post are all performed and issue still remains. Please do perform custom install on your computer to fix any windows corrupted files or faulty services running on your computer. Custom Install of windows will re-install windows on your computer, fixing all errors and missing update components on your computer however it will reset all the settings o
  6. Maurice, Happy New Year! Thank you for responding... Windows 10 on PC Has Malwarebytes for Windows reported a active current malware infection? No Has Microsoft Windows Defender antivirus or some other known antivirus identified a active current infection ? Defender No, Malewarebytes no, norton 360 no. Do you think it has something to do with Microsoft although I am experiencing now online? I did the following: Perform Clean Boot, * sfc /scannow* DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth* DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth* DISM /Online /Cleanup-Im
  7. Highlighting of text does not work correctly When I attempt to highlight text and hold down the mouse button at where I want it to start The following happens Highlights a couple words Highlights in the middle of the sentence a few words It starts to highlight correctly but turns off without releasing the button Highlights then when I release, releases the text Excel can't highlight multiple cells Happens with all my Microsoft, Adobe programs. It happens online, it is happening now. Thank you for your assistance. Treza
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