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  1. thanks! Sorry about posting in the wrong forum, I am not familiar with this.
  2. So does that mean that you have done everything that you can do and that I should ask my customer to try again and see what happens?
  3. Hello dco34 and Gonzo: I had one customer who could not see my current webpage. Here is what I sent to him to remedy the problem , this worked David This works, Will get my son in law to explain . Thx Ken On 2021-01-06 3:15 p.m., Ocean Park Auction wrote: Your browser is probably using the cached version of my web page to fix it: 1: delete your browser history and then restart your computer. In my browser (Firefox) The menu at the top shows "History, click on it and then "Delete recent history" If that fails use this link: https://www.oceanparkstampauction.com/main.html He tells me that this fixed the problem, does that give you a better idea as to what might be wrong?
  4. thanks Andre, do I have to do anything to get rid of the browser block? Will you do that for me?
  5. By the way, my customer has downloaded the newest malwarebytes virus database.
  6. I contacted Malwarebytes 3 days ago (?) and submitted my request that they unblock my website. 24 hours later they told me that they had investigated and UN blocked my website. My customers are still being blocked by malwarebytes. My website is: https://www.oceanparkstampauction.com/main.html Please fix this problem asap, as I am losing business due to your block.
  7. They have done the same thing to me. I submitted a request a few days ago, they replied and told me the block is removed now and it is still blocked. This stinks!
  8. I sometimes post my Bidder Setup program to my website and Malwarebytes thinks it is a trojan. It is not a trojan it is a home made set up program made with VB6 programming language years ago. This is my website, but I have taken it off until you review it, here is the program attached https://www.oceanparkstampauction.com/main.html Bidder_Setup.zip
  9. Please check my website: https://www.oceanparkstampauction.com/main.html some of my customers are reporting that there is a trojan there. Take me off your blacklist.
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