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  1. Hello Team! A customer sent me screenshot and cannot connect to the website, blocked by your service, see pictures attached. I ran some scans & test and everything see ok see picture enclosed. Please let me know if you can rescan the website. Best regards AAA - PARTS FOR WATCH
  2. Thanks a lot Porthos! I'll definitely get my iT team on it right away! Any scan tools or plugging you can recommend to prevent this in the futur ?
  3. Thanks for the tool! I'll definitely save this one, but everything seems clean as well see enclosed
  4. Hello, It seems that your software is wrongly blocking the website: www.partsforwatch.com, the website is clean and doesn't have any malware of problem! Please remove it from your dangerous website, I'll stay at your disposal for any information. Best regards A.A.AYARI
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