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  1. Thank you for letting us know. I installed the beta update and will see how everything goes. I usually went days between BSODs so it might be a few days for an update. Hopefully this works!
  2. Thx for info. Sucks that there's these incompatibilities. I did have a chat with PIA and their fix was to whitelist a bunch of PIA-related stuff (can't remember which exact things at the moment) but it made me weary. I'm not a tech expert but if I have PIA on and all my traffic is going through PIA then white-listing a bunch of stuff from them seemed counterintuitive to protection. Plus, I read others' experience in white-listing the same PIA stuff but it was ineffective. Basically they are blaming MB and vice versa. Is MB working on anything to resolve the issue? How risky do you t
  3. Does it matter if PIA is running or not? I rarely use the desktop client. I run on on SOCKS5 when torrenting directly in the app and even that isn't being used often. PIA is usually inactive/off but it's in the QuickLaunch. Also, I've been using PIA and MB for years. This literally only started when I bought the new PC a few weeks ago.
  4. Just wanted to add my experience with this. In December, I purchased a new PC from BestBuy with CyberPowerPC as the manufacturer. I installed everything that I normally install but right off the bat I was getting BSODs. With the "WhoCrashed" application, I was able to analyze what caused the crash and apparently it was a conflict between mwac.sys and tcpip.sys. This kept happening and I tried everything I could to fix that issue but I assumed it was the issue with the PC itself so I returned it. I, instead, opted to build my own PC for the first time ever and it went really we
  5. Any update to a possible fix? This is the first time I've tried to use Split Tunnel with PIA and since it didn't work, I went through PIA support to troubleshoot. The only fix that worked was to disable/close MBAM. I am on the latest updates to everything incl Windows, MBAM, PIA etc.
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