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  1. I agree! Assurance said I needed a new phone for the T-Mobile change, so I talked to them for a long time to convince them to NOT send me another UMX phone (currently have U683CL). Finally one customer service rep agreed to send me a Wiko, but when it arrived, it was actually U693CL - they say that is all they have now. I filed a complaint with the FCC last week, so Assurance called me, but insist nothing they can do. They say all their devices are "approved" by the government! I am going to look at a different phone company that will let me choose my own phone.
  2. One wireless update got rid of the malware briefly, and another put it back, even when I had supposedly turned off updates, so I just stopped them all. Yes, it would be very bothersome for most people, I think, and especially a senior. However, once it is setup it's not bad. NoRoot allows me to get notified of each access attempt, and choose to accept/deny based on wifi and/or data access. I denied everything that came up, except my own apps (K9 email, podbean, duckduckgo on specific use). A bunch of things are lumped together, not sure why, such as Android System which includes
  3. I installed noroot firewall as recommended, and have pretty much blocked everything except a few trusted apps (blocked ALL wireless updates, google services, android services etc). Bothersome, but at least now I can use my phone. They are unable to install junk, but I don't know if this is actually protecting my data or not.
  4. malware is back! a new "wireless update" notification appeared about a week ago, which I ignored. Normally I have to actually choose to update, however, even without updating, the "wireless update" app itself now has confirmed malware, which it did not have after the last update in January. Whenever I am online it installs new apps. I cannot actually disable wireless update, but I did "force stop", which seems to be holding, at least until I restart my phone. Guess I'll be looking into how to remove it, but last time I tried to use the Android SDK it was very confusing and difficult to fi
  5. Thank you. I did the wireless update a couple of weeks ago, and so far no malware, and no new apps, so this seems good. I'm able to leave my wireless on now, if I want, without having stuff added.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the new "wireless update"? It is showing up on my phone too, but I have the malware at least manageable right now. If I update, might fix it, or might introduce new problems? So I'm waiting to hear back if anyone else has experience. Another app that was added when I wasn't looking was a new "bluetooth" app. I realized it wasn't the real one and removed it.
  7. noticing this on my umx phone as well - scan revealed android/TrojanDropperAgent.UMXrv in settings app, and a second scan found HiddenAds in a "phone" app. Earlier today I noticed I had 2 phone apps, which seemed odd. I was checking through installed apps because my browser kept opening up to ads by itself. So when the scan showed HiddenAds in one of them (it had an android icon instead of the phone icon), I just remove that app. I always have trouble with carrierhub - every time I restart my phone I have to force it to stop many times, before it finally sticks - no option to uninstall.
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