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  1. Still had my Files.zip. No detections. log.txt
  2. Ye, also noticed it after the first time I got the detections. Files in "C:\test\" got detected even with newer version. Anyways, thanks for the help.
  3. Ya, I hear you, It's possible I just haven't used a software yet which utilizes .NET 2.0(?). I definitely got the detection multiple times though. Once in "C:\WINDOWS\ASSEMBLY\NATIVEIMAGES_V2.0.50727_32\..." and once in "C:\test\" after I copied those couple files into it.
  4. I did delete them from the "C:\WINDOWS\ASSEMBLY\NATIVEIMAGES_V2.0.50727_32\" path 😅 Didn't want to have those possible threads chillin' in my hard drive. But as I said earlier I haven't noticed any errors so far. Would it be possible to reinstall/fix .NET Framework if I run into trouble/errors by using "Turn Windows features on or off" or sfc /scannow?
  5. When I copied those files with cmd prompt (thanks), I did scan them again and it gave me same detections. Afterwards I deleted all those 10 detected files using cmd prompt, and so far I haven't gotten any OS, software or game errors. So I guess it was OK to delete them?
  6. Oh, upload finally worked. I was somehow getting spam blocked...
  7. files.zip files.zip files.zip
  8. I restored the files, but now Malwarebytes can't find them and I read that restored files can be detected again by Malwarebytes if they're infected. Also "C:\Windows\assembly" is full of files which cannot be copied, but does those files redirect to "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework" and "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64" which have some of the previously detected files with similar names?
  9. Are these false positives or actually legit treats? Logs attached. logfile.txt
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